Our bathroom collection is diverse and includes premier linen and cotton bath towels, hand towels, robes, fine soaps, organic toothpastes, and much more. We continue to make custom linen and cotton bathroom accessories but also work closely with our premier suppliers Bovi and Iora for many years to best offer modern quality & design bathroom towels & robes.

Prior to the 19th Century, traditional bath towels were made of pure linen utilizing certain weaves perfected and used daily since the middle ages to best lend great density to the fabric. These include huckback, honeycomb, lozenge, and diamond jacquard weaves. However, the late 19th century invention of terry toweling revolutionized bathing. With little loops placed on the warp threads of the fabric, new creations were crafted to make our bath towels softer and more absorbent. 

High quality cotton from Egypt, Peru, Sea Island, Brazil and Turkey, steadily conquered all the finest bathrooms around the world. According to many specialists and fine linen connoisseurs, the finest terry towling is produced nowadays from beautiful, long-fibered cotton, not necessarily combed nor too thin. At Principe Real Enxovais we embrace high quality cotton bathtowels while still passionate and able to also create pure linen masterpieces.