A white tablecloth or fine bed linen with family hand embroidered monogram is timeless. In today’s world of mass production, it represents a personalized touch to a unique piece made just for you and according to your taste and financial independence. Similar to a Patek Philippe watch or a bespoken piece of jewelry, a hand embroidered pure linen monogram is usually a one-of-a-kind quality family heirloom passed from generation to generation.  

The tradition of marking items with individual or combined letters stems as far as the classical Greek and Roman periods. In ancient civilizations, an initial or a collection of letters, placed either separately or as an entwined symbol, was often used as identifying marks on personal belongings of high-ranking leaders or noble families. These ciphers symbolized both secular leaders, wealthy nobility and ecclesiastic figures.

Apart from the decorative function of bespoken monograms, they also gave rise to highly symbolic rules of European etiquette and social status. All European Kings and Queens since 13th Century had their own personal master monogram embroider, whose work was so secret at times and so impatiently awaited that they were sometimes confined in royal palaces until the fine linen commission was finished. 

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