Since 1938 our  diverse collection of Table Linens include handmade  monogramed napkins, placemats and full tablecloths among several other fine dining at home accessories.

A white tablecloth with family hand embroidered monogram is timeless. Apart from the decorative function of bespoken tablecloths, they also gave rise to highly symbolic rules of European etiquette. For example, in noble society circles in France for the past 600 years, “partager la nappe” (share the tablecloth) meant complete equality between the guests. If a noble dined with lower ranking social class members, he might share the wooden table or individual placemats but never the family embroidered tablecloth.

When a European prince wanted to honor his royal guests, he shared his fine linen tablecloth usually embroidered with an intricate family monogram to demonstrate wealth and "savoir faire". Etienne Boileau, who authored a 13th century treatise on fine linen European trade, declared that a minimum six years of apprenticeship with master artisans and three years of journeyman work were required to become a master table linen embroiderer. At Principe Real Enxovais, our average embroider artisan has over 35 years of experience.

All European Kings, Queens and nobleman since 13th Century had their own personal master embroider, whose work was so secret and so impatiently awaited that they were sometimes shut up in family royal palaces until the fine linen commission was finished. 

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