Welcome to Príncipe Real Enxovais. Our diverse collection of bespoken trousseau include fine bed linens, hand embroidered tablecloths, intricate bilros laces, linen nightgowns, christening masterpieces, and pure cotton bath towels, is now closer to you than ever before. 

 We believe to offer a unique blend of timeless European inspiration and classic design expressed in the finest materials, finishes, textures, fibers and weaves. Since 1938, our one-of-a-kind bespoken Fine Linen masterpieces are frequently adorned with the most sophisticated details, hand embroidery, lace, silk, pure linen, and many other exquisite refinements. 

Please visit us in person at our historical store located in the heart of Lisbon at Rua da Escola Politecnica 12-14, or if you would like during current times please contact us via email: PrincipeReal@email.com, phone: 351.21.246.5945 or for more information visit our social pages instagram, pinterest, twitter, or vimeo.